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For over 20 years Kitchen Garden has been offering clients a wonderful way to grow their own sprouts and microgreens.  Our sprouting system allows you to sprout multiple jars of goodness while keeping them neatly displayed on your kitchen countertop.
We are a trusted Seed Supplier offering a versatile variety of seeds for your sprouting needs.
We also produce high quality freshly prepared natural nut and seed butters that contain no additives or preservatives.

We want to help our clients to Eat Healthy and Live Healthy

Freshly sprouted Alfalfa, Radish and Broccoli seeds

fresh natural healthy superfoods

Kitchen Garden Sprouting system with 6 Jars capacity



Kitchen Garden is an online health store situated within the Helderberg region of the Western Cape. We are very passionate about maintaining good health, and time - the two most precious commodities in life! For this reason, we offer natural and organic products that are freshly prepared for your convenience.

Quinoa, Flaxseed and Chia seeds

our seeds


When it comes to anything we do at Kitchen Garden we follow strict quality standards. We make sure our customers only receive the very best when it comes to our products, so it is no wonder that we’re the best natural food products supplier in South Africa. Contact us today to see what we have in store for you.

Organic home grown garden vegetables for your kitchen
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Natural And Organic Supplier

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